T10 W5W 194 912 6 LED Wedge Light Cool White 9-30V

T10 W5W 194 912 6 LED Wedge Light Cool White 9-30V
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T10 W5W 194 912 LED Replacement Light, 6 SMD 9-30V



This LED 6 SMD T10 Light is commonly used in number plate lights, park and clearance lights, interior lights, door lights and side indicators and also common in caravan’s, pop-top’s, camper trailer’s, RV’s & motorhomes replacing the original halogen 5W wedge (W5W/T10) or the original 16W wedge (W16W/T15) bulbs, although it can be used on any light that has a T10 (W5W) fitting. Simply plug and play. NO REWIRING REQUIRED. These lights are not polarity conscious so it doesn't matter which way the light is plugged in, it will still work.
The light output of this light is exceptional, very bright and will not disappoint anyone wanting great lighting inside or outside. This light is a direct replacement of the existing bulb. No rewiring required. Simply remove your existing bulb and replace with this LED light. It plugs straight in, taking a matter of seconds to do. Pull out your old bulb and plug this new LED light straight into the socket.
This LED 6 SMD T10 Light has been manufactured by an ISO9001:2008 certified company to very high standards using only high quality Epistar LED chips, and with EMC certification. Consider the quality of LEDs and ensure the lights are EMC compliant before you purchase.



  • LIGHT COLOUR: White (6000K to 7000K)
  • LED BRAND: Epistar (High Quality)
  • LED TYPE: SMD 5630
  • LED QTY: 6
  • BASE TYPE: T10 W5W 147 152 158 159 161 168 184 192 193 194 259 280 285 447 464 501 555 558 585 655 656 657 906 912 921 922 1250 1251 1252 2450 2652 2921 2825 R501
  • POWER: 0.600W
  • VOLTAGE: 9-30V DC
  • CURRENT DRAW: 0.048Amp
  • FEATURES: EMC, Bridge rectifier (Not polarity conscious)
  • LUMINOUS OUTPUT: 110-140Lm (Approx)
  • LENGTH: 26.5mm
  • DIAMETER: 11.8mm

  • They are LED, drawing much less power than a conventional bulb.
  • Brand name Epistar LED chips.
  • Direct plug and play. No rewiring required.
  • Fitted with a bridge rectifier so the lights are not polarity conscious.
  • Thicker board material used to ensure a firm fit every time.
  • Electro-Magnetic Compatibility. (EMC Compliant).
  • High luminous output compared to wattage.
  • Manufactured by an ISO9001:2008 certified company.

  • 1 x T10 LED 6 SMD 5630 9-30V wedge light, cool white.

(EMC) Electromagnetic Compatibility is the ability of electronic devices such as this LED light to operate as intended in proximity to other electronic devices or in the presence of electromagnetic fields. Unintentional radio frequency emissions from an electronic device and immunity of the device to radio frequency interference from other electromagnetic sources are included within electromagnetic compatibility.
An example of this being, you are watching your LCD TV and a non-EMC complaint light is switched on. You then start seeing interference on your TV screen, static, even picture freeze. Switching the light off and the interference has gone. By using an EMC compliant lighting product avoids this from happening, especially when these days so many devices we use contain sensitive electronics.
Please be aware that some non-EMC compliant LEDs may cause interference with electronic equipment such as TV’s, radio’s, etc.

When comparing the power consumption of this 6 LED light to an existing 16W wedge bulb the results are like this:
- At 12.5V DC the 6 LED light uses 0.600W of power and draws 0.048Amps.
- At 12.5V DC the halogen light uses 5W of power and draws 0.389Amps.
- With this comparison the LED light uses one eighth less power, BUT, produces better light.
Please note that a standard W5W or W16W bulb share the same base, also known as a T10 or T15 respectively. See images attached.


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