Eledric | Quality 12 Volt, LED Lights and Solar Online

Eledric is your reliable online retailer of 12 volt, LED lights and solar products for a variety of lifestyle and professional needs. At Eledric, we aim to be the number one Australian supplier of quality LED and solar lights online by making affordable pricing, detailed product descriptions and tailored customer service our top priorities.

We are constantly expanding our range to provide more 12 volt and quality LED and solar lights and products online at more competitive prices to provide you with the most up-to-date lighting products available on the market. Whether you need lighting for your home, commercial business, car, truck, 4WD, RV, caravan or watercraft, you’re sure to find the quality LED and solar lights online that you require.

The team at Eledric are always willing to go above and beyond in order to help customers find the exact lighting product they’re looking for. If you're after quality LED and solar lights online and can’t find the product you’re in need of or have a suggestion on a product you’d like to see available online, contact Eledric by email at info@eledric.com.au.