Energy Saving LED Lights

The switch to the LED, or light-emitting diode, has been growing in popularity over the past several years. Energy saving LED lights burn more cleanly, coolly and efficiently to provide maximum lighting with minimum damage to the environment and the pocketbook of the utility bill payer.

According to the Department of Industry and Science, lighting accounts for 42 per cent of energy consumption in Australian households. The phase out of inefficient incandescent light bulbs has seen huge savings for both homes and businesses when it comes to their utility bills.

In addition to their superior monetary advantage, LED lights offer an eco-friendly solution to lighting. LED units run cool, therefore emitting no heat. With an energy efficiency rate of approximately 88 per cent, energy saving LED lights radically reduce the amount of wasted electricity. What’s more, LED lights don’t contain hazardous materials like mercury or lead, making the clean-up after the inevitable break of a light bulb both easy and safe.

At Eledric, we are committed to supplying quality LED luminaries to our customers. All of our energy saving LED lights are thoroughly tested to ensure unbeatable performance and eminence. Save yourself money and save the planet by making the switch to LED lights, it’s that simple!