Bullet Terminals Male (Blue) - Pk.10

Bullet Terminals Male (Blue) - Pk.10
Bullet Terminals Male (Blue) - Pk.10
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Bullet Terminals Male (Blue) - Pk.10

Bullet terminals (also known as connectors) are commonly used on cars, 4WD’s, trucks, RV’s & marine for the joining of wires where there may be a need for disconnection. Available is both male and female bullet terminals.

These terminals have been manufactured by an ISO9001:2008 certified company to very high standards with UL certification. The insulation material of these terminals are made of PVC, not nylon.

Package Content:

  • 10 x male bullet terminals.
  • Please contact eledric by e-mail if you require custom quantities.

Male Bullet Terminal Specifications:

  • Cable (wire) size: 1.5mm2 to 2.5mm2 (16-14 AWG)
  • Current rating: 15Amps
  • Insulation type: PVC
  • Insulation colour: Blue
  • Bullet size: 5.0mm (bØ)
  • Bullet length: 11.0mm (F)
  • Cable insert width: 2.3mm (DØ)
  • Insulator length: 10.0mm (H)
  • Overall length: 21.0mm (L)


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